Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is this a quota-led society?

Are we living in a 'Quota led world’? In our country today, the most popular word for our politicians is 'Quota'. After the implementation of Mandal report a quota wind has been influenced to the every sphere of our political arena. And today our politicians are playing quota card as their easiest way to get votes of the majority voters of the country. They have roped this quota in the government jobs (For getting jobs and promotions too), and now they are working to implement it in private sector jobs. They are just trying to create a world of vote bank politics and by this they are paralysing the whole system to promote non-performers. At first they paralysed the government's working capacity to rope quota in government jobs and now they are pressuring for quota system in private jobs too. Now they are fighting to paralyse our higher educational system to implement OBC Quota in it.
What they want to create?
The 'Quota card' is not new for us. We have a quota system since our national independence in 1947. This quota had been implemented for the socially backward classes and was implemented just for the 10 years, as provided by out constitution. But now it is crossing the level. Now it harnesses the productivity of out system and promotes the non-performers in the system that can paralyse our system. To implement the quota for OBC our Union government has decided to double the seats in higher educational institutes. Definitely it will kill the chances for meritorious students of all classes. It can ruin the glamour of these professions and plant non-performers in the system.
A meritorious students which have got a place in a Delhi collage said that, "Instead of promoting merit, this government is promoting caste". This frustration which are being developed in the minds of our meritorious students is the result of this quota politics in India. This is the real condition made by this quota diplomatic of our governments in India. Now the seats are being reserved in the higher educational institutes too. Now the non-performers seats (Reserve seats-Which does not get by merit) in the higher educational institutes increased to 49.5 %. On the issue, the Supreme Court has stayed the order to implement OBC quota in educational institutes. But these political elements trying to implement it on any cost.
Who is socially backward now?
Are government providing special treatment to the upper caste people? Are these so called upper caste people getting any privilege in our system? No, they are just prohibited to get their basic rights. In this new quota system the upper caste people in India are depressed class or after it will cross the limit they are being united to fight back for their cause, for their rights.
Reality of depressed classes!
In his interim order, the Supreme Court of India said while hearing to the case of OBC Quota, the court asked to the government councilor that who is this 'OBC class'. Have you any data to support this special privilege given by the government to these classes. Staying the government move to implement quota from this academic session the court said "the government has absolutely no identifiable caste data" to justify its step to provide 27.5 percent reservation in educational institutions to SEBC or Other Backward Classes (OBC) students. This implemented on the data related to the 1931 census". Court asked how u are trying to implement OBC Quota on the base of a 75 years old data.
Now the political leaders want to implement quota in private sector jobs. But the datas say the other story: 55 per cent of the workforce in Hindustan Lever (A private company) comprises peoples from the categories that the government wants to favour. Similarly. About 24 % of those employed by Bajaj Auto are from these classes. With these facts the private sector opposing to give entry to non-performers in this fast growing economy. OBCs account for only 25.9 per cent of those finishing schools and 23.3 per cent of those finishing colleges-compared to their 52 per cent share of the population (If u accepted the figures given by the Mandal Commission report).Definitely this figure have changed now, after 15 years of implementing the Mandal Commission report. One thing, which should address on the matter, is creamy layer menace. Why they should get the benefits of this quota, when many of them belong to a wealthy class. They should be excluded from the beneficiaries classes. In promotions these classes have quota too. They are getting promotions with lesser merit, as we have reservations in the promotions in government jobs as well!
Future of this system!
After all where are we heading? What about the majority and their future. What about the top brains of India. Are we telling them to go to USA. and serve them. If it is, we are asking for trouble, my friend. India is doing so well in ITs , Shipping, Corporate sectors etc. But these leaders trying to spoil our talent. Why these leaders are talking about only Muslims, all those OBCs, STs, SCs etc. Why not they are doing something for the poor people of all classes. These so-called politicians are only bothered about their vote banks. They are not at all keen on larger interest of our society? We the people should decide what we want, not these so-called Politicians without consulting the people decide? It’s high time, all intellectuals should head for Politics. Let’s hope there is a paradigm shift in thinking of our people.
For the welfare of these so-called depressed classes the government should have given much consideration to basic education and healthcare for children belong to these classes. Govt doing same thing as he has done in Maharashtra where he threw money where farmers are committing suicides rather than thinking of his govt’s failure.

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